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Impressions from MaqPaper 2014

Thursday 4/3/14 time 2:30 PM

It's the second day of Maqpaper in sunny Catalonia and high time to capture the exceptional atmosphere of this traditional pulp and paper trade fair.

This is the first time that we are able to demonstrate our innovative MoveRoll pressure conveyor in Spain - and it is a great pleasure!

Thanks to all Maqpaper visitors for your positive reactions! Please contact Esteban from our Spanish Sales Partner Porteca or Jyrki from MoveRoll if you have any questions regarding our innovative roll handling solutions.

impressions_from_maqpaper_2a.jpg impressions_from_maqpaper2014_2.jpg

Our special thanks goes to Esteban and Sergio from Porteca. Thanks for organizing this trade show participation and your great hospitality. We had a great time!

impressions_from_maqpaper_2014_1.jpg impressions_from_maqpaper_2014.jpg impresssions_from_maqpaper_2014.jpg

impressions_from_maqpaper6.jpg impressions_from_maqpaper_5.jpg impressions_from_maqpaper14.jpg

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The aim is to keep it as simple as possible

Thursday 11/7/13 - MoveRoll Oy

On 7 November Jyrki Sairo commenced his activities as Unit Manager of MoveRoll Oy. MoveRoll’s CEO Mikko Rantanen will remain in office and focus even more on customer relationship management and business development.

In our latest edition of the MoveRoll blog, Mikko Rantanen and Jyrki Sairo sit down together and talk about the reasons for this development and what it means for customers.


 Mikko: In the last years, the structure of our business has changed. We have started to internationalize and MoveRoll has become a global supplier of innovative paper roll handling equipment. Customers are more demanding now and expecting us to be more professional. And it is also so that our business has grown 10 times in 2 years.

Jyrki: The normal position at the start of a company is so that in the beginning you can have many things in your head, but then - later on - you find out that it doesn’t work without some kind of other tools for the workflow. Day to day work needs to be organized so, that it doesn’t depend on who is doing it. So that if somebody is out of the office for any reason the process customer service does not stop because of that.

Mikko: And I can say, that I thought a lot how to restructure and reorganize our customer support and how we can meet our customers’ needs. Finally, I decided that adding a professional manager to our team is best for the people, business, and me.

Jyrki: When a company is young and is growing fast, also the back office routines are increasing almost daily. Then they come to a certain level where they just have to be restructured because too many things are happening. I have experience of this kind of things, how to make a growing organisation work in a more structured way, that’s what I have been doing in my two previous jobs besides direct sales.

Mikko: I invited Jyrki, first because my own workload was massive, and second because I wanted to do the work I enjoy the most: Having more face-to-face time with the customers. To concentrate on sales and innovation. So, I will see more customers and the customer projects will be going faster. I can focus on that what I want to do. And I saw that our organisation really needs someone who can make this quality and structure, a well-structured organisation. So, the reasons why I invited Jyrki are simple.

Jyrki: And further on - my assignment from Mikko said that even if we are creating and developing the back-office work, the aim is to keep it as simple as possible.

Mikko: That’s quite well said. You can call it an increase in simplicity of the way how we are working. We still want to keep us fast-moving and fresh and innovative organisation, but a little more organized. We have been focussing a lot to develop our customer issues. But now we should develop our own organisation as well. That’s the same innovation and development but inside our organization.

So the benefits for our customers, suppliers, and partners are obvious. We will be a more structured and better quality organisation, there will be more people taking care of customers, and I will have more time for customers. Another good thing is that the contacts for sales will be the same. Those who have called to me will call me.  Then, besides administration, Jyrki’s second big task is to work with new customers. These new customers will then call to Jyrki.

Jyrki: Now I need to get acquainted with the products, suppliers, and customers. As soon as I know enough I can start screening new prospects. Sales is nothing new to me - and in fact the first customer visits together with Mikko will already be on Monday and Tuesday.

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MoveRoll visit to world´s northernmost paper mill

Tuesday 7/23/13 - Jonis Mahmutllari


It is July and summer has arrived in Finland. Once again, for the second time this year. MoveRoll planned a visit to the world´s northernmost paper mill, StoraEnso Kemi. For, Kemi, the small town of 20000 people with a beautiful nature in winter and summer, paper mills are the heart of the economy.

It is a long and adventurous way to travel with car, a more than 7 hours drive. However the long travel is very nice as you can see a lot of what the Finnish beautiful nature offers. In the cold winter the snow has dressed everything in white, with frozen sea and lakes and many winter sports and happenings.  In summer the nature is also beautiful where green colour and a large amount of blue lakes dominatesthe view.

kemi.jpgWhen we travelled to Kemi in March it was cold, with the temperatures reaching -27 degree. The world largest snow castle, a place which attracts a lot of  tourists was open during that time. From indoors, the shining sun would give you the impression of a sunny day even when everything around was frozen and covered by snow.  And now in June, you see a completely different view. Everything is green and the sea is not frozen or covered by snow. It is impressive! Same city, same place but two completely different sides of the nature


After a nice visit in StoraEnso Kemi mill, we decided to walk by the sea and enjoy what the city of Kemi had to offer. While walking, we decided to visit a nice bar right next to the sea and had the chance to taste the 
traditional “siika” sandwich, made with fresh raw white salted fish and dark bread. It was the best “siika” sandwich I have ever eaten. This is what city of Kemi offers; A welcoming atmosphere, beautiful nature and tasty traditional food.

img_1139.jpgAs MoveRoll has customers and partners all around the globe, working in sales gives me the opportunity to travel and visit many different countries and cities. This time I had the luck to visit the northernmost paper mill in the world for the second time in the same year. It is great to work with MoveRoll and to  have the chance to visit so many different places, experiencing something  new and unique every time.

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An Interview with Randy Southin (part 2)

Tuesday 6/18/13 - MoveRoll Oy

The first half of the interview ended with Randy Southin saying, that he thinks MoveRoll will be exceptional for RTS Alliance. Of course we wanted to find out why and learned that sometimes a reliably working conveyor can be your best friend.  Want to know why? Then read here the second part of the interview.

Question: Can you explain a bit more, why you think that MoveRoll will be exceptional for RTS Alliance?

Randy Southin: MoveRoll is a consistent operating tool without being complex in operation. In other words simple to get along with. The biggest stress that a paper mill has today is the equipment being the bottleneck to a stress free day. Whereas, if you have a conveyor that has no stress, it doesn’t break all of a sudden and you have lost production for eight hours. It’s your best friend because the repair is something as simple as going to get a cup of coffee.

Question: Where do you see the key benefits of MoveRoll’s products?

Randy Southin: Definitely cost of installation. Total cost of installation - it’s very key. Safety is another keyword which is very important in North America.  And certainly energy cost. You know, when you look at some of the requirements for this, the energy cost is probably about a third of what conventional conveyor systems use.

Question:  Does it really matter within such a big mill?

Randy Southin: Yes, it does, absolutely. The biggest cost that North America is looking to save is energy cost. Everything is tied to cost per ton. Every single mill, regardless of whether they are paying 40 dollars a megawatt or 90 dollars a megawatt, the biggest programme you can get government supplement for right now is energy reduction.

Question: This spring you were at PaperCon Expo in Atlanta where you also represented MoveRoll as our North American sales partner. What did you hear people there say most about MoveRoll?

Randy Southin: ‘We don’t know why somebody didn’t come up with this before. It’s so simple.’ That’s the number 1 statement. The number 2 statement is ‘This looks like it would be very low-cost to operate.’  That came mostly from the maintenance type of people. And I think, from the project managers ‘easy to install’, ‘simple to install’, ‘low cost’. And then, more technical people would say ‘This is a very low-cost energy type of bargain.’  Like I said, North America is certainly going in the area of energy programs, energy reduction.

Question:  What are your goals for MoveRoll in the future?

Randy Southin:  So, the key for me now is to be innovative enough to find out how a customer can use this simple concept of a MoveRoll. We have a lot of work to do, but I think that the branding of MoveRoll is the same thing like Allen Bradley was maybe 50 years ago. You know Allen Bradley is standard PLC in most paper mills in North America. So, our goal for MoveRoll is to make this the standard way of conveying rolls in the plant.

Many thanks for this interview, Randy.

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An Interview with Randy Southin

Wednesday 6/5/13

In May, Randy Southin, President of our North American Sales Partner mikko-randy_.jpgRTS Alliance, visited our office. We took the chance and asked a few questions.

Question: What were your first thoughts when you saw MoveRoll for the first time at SuperCorr Expo 2012 in Atlanta?

Randy Southin:  I thought that this was very impressive. Because it was totally out of the norm of what you would see in roll handling.

Question: What were your reasons for becoming our North American Sales Partner?

Randy Southin: The interest that RTS Alliance has in this is, because it is a low-cost solution and it is unique. And it is something that the customer will want to buy, low cost replacement parts and ease to change when needed, will definitely lower the operating maintenance cost. So, all these features are low-cost, easy to use, 10 minutes fix - those are all benefits for the maintenance cost. Right now, the customers have never seen something this simple to operate. They would never thought of how simple this could be. Nobody really has come out with a concept of moving a roll in this fashion.

Question: RTS Alliance is an alliance of companies; could you tell us more about this concept?

Randy Southin: RTS Alliance is a family of alliance partners. We certainly have the relationship of the products, so all the product line has a story and it fits in a certain milieu. Our suppliers are not just new inventions ideas, but proven products with a strong customer references; but at the same time our partners are maintaining a strong technology edge, coming up with new solutions to meet customer expectations.

You know, we talk in terms of the ability to save and energy we think of products like EcoPump, when  we want to capture defect problems on a machine we have web-inspection and web-monitoring. And when we want to take the finished Roll product, we offer a solution to take it safely and are able to so without damaging the roll.

Question: The idea of a family of companies sounds unusual. Could you tell us more about this idea?

When I look at our partner companies, that all of our partner companies act as a family, all of our companies have many common goals on how we service our market place. Having one common commercial Sales team, our customers are able to see a similar culture for each family member. We are able to tell our that all of these companies have similar communality that we buy and sell the products. But you have a personal identity of who these companies are, because they have something unique about each one of them. So, when I talk about family I’m thinking more in the human quality of what people care for each other, they work with each other, they handle each other with respect. And so MoveRoll meets a lot of those human characteristics, and that’s why I personally think MoveRoll will be exceptional for us.

Part 2 of the interview with Randy Southin will be published next week, stay tuned.

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What can be greater than seeing a smile in your customers face?

Wednesday 3/6/13 - Mikko Rantanen

Welcome to the first edition of MoveRoll’s blog.

social_media_mikko.jpgThe world has changed a lot. Amount of information has increased, and information is needed immediately – not after days or weeks like earlier.
The business is global and the customer needs are important day and night.
We in MoveRoll have been focusing a lot on good delivery times, both on delivery time of goods and of delivery time of information. This means new ways to communicate with customers from different countries and locations. In 2012 we did a big survey asking our customers, which information they want to get from us. Thankfully we got a lot of good feedback. Our customers’ messages were:  Make more information more easily accessible, improve your web page services, and communicate with us customers regularly.

 That was the start-up of our new way to communicate with customers: We set up our bimonthly newsletter, launched the “MoveRoll - office” Skype account, opened our new download area, and created MoveRoll profiles on Social Media. You can follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+, and we hope that you like us! I even opened personal accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn, so I invite you all to become my friends!

 All of these e-communication efforts have positive impacts. But it is not all... E-communication cannot replace personal meetings and face to face discussions. Exhibitions are good places to see people and they are also absolute the best way to show our unique products to customers. This year, we have plans to be in USA (Atlanta), China (Peking), India (Mumbai) and Germany (Wiesbaden), to see and talk with our people. Hope many of you can join us there. Find the exact days from our web page.

But, thank god, there is still place for face to face contacts and discussions which I’m waiting for a lot. I have already travelled around the globe this year – but I’m still looking forward to visit as many customers as possible. Nothing is better than communication in the same room, seeing old friends and getting new ones – in flesh and blood! What can be greater than seeing a smile in your customers’ face!

So, why now open a MoveRoll blog? It cannot substitute face to face meetings with friends and customers, but it can help to close the gap. Our blog offers room for background stories, service and maintenance tips. It is a good space to continue personal discussions as well as for answering frequently asked questions of our customers. And - it gives our customers a voice as commentators and guest bloggers.

I´m glad to open our blog. This will be one way of communication – hope many of you will have time to read our blog in the future. I also wish that some of you have time to write a small story for our blog – let´s keep it interactive.

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