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MoveRoll Braking Pad

Patented method for increasing safety and reducing roll speed

The MoveRoll Braking Pad is an innovative roll speed reducing solution. It can be used to reduce rolls´ speed, to stop them completely or to minimize roll bouncing in order to shorten settling time significantly. Unique design and soft materials ensure gentle contact with the roll and no damages are incurred on the roll. MoveRoll Braking Pad is an easy way to increase occupational and roll safety. It can be used in various roll handling applications.

For more detailed information check MoveRoll Braking Pad Datasheet


MoveRoll® Braking Pad example applications


MoveRoll Braking Pad can be used before chain or slat conveyor (1) to reduce incoming roll speed and bouncing. This shortens roll settling time on conveyor and decreases total conveying lead time.

MoveRoll Braking Pad can be used on plate stopper (2) to soften impact and prevent roll damage.


MoveRoll Braking Pad can be used on different sections of ramp applications to reduce roll speed before hitting stoppers and minimizing roll bouncing.

It also softens impact to plate stopper in order to reduce damages to mechanical parts and to roll itself.


MoveRoll Braking Pad can be used in two separate rows in high speed applications, e.g. on winder decks with larger roll sizes where rolling speed is high. The rows decrease roll’s kinetic energy and speed significantly.

MoveRoll Braking pad can be used on winder deck applications with separation stoppers before and after separation stations. This reduces bouncing after contact with the stoppers.

Lower roll speeds on winder decks will increase occupational safety of operators working on winder decks or in similar applications.

By using magnetic fixing option on metal surfaces the Braking Pads can easily be relocated to another desired position.