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About us

MoveRoll Oy is a Finnish paper roll handling equipment supplier to the global paper industry.With know-how in compressed air systems and long experience in the pulp and paper industry, we have designed a unique and innovative concept that makes roll handling in paper mills easier than ever before.

Developing and manufacturing new solutions that would revolutionize the industry has always been our main goal. Our priority is to offer new innovative solutions to the industry that fulfill the needs of our customers to their best satisfaction.

New innovation, new concept, new products! MoveRoll is simply the smartest!

Our Strategy

MoveRoll Oy’s ambition is to be a globally recognized brand and a pioneer supplier of new innovative compressed air powered roll conveying systems for the paper industry. In order to maintain a constant global growth we will continue investing in new technology development and providing the best roll handling solutions
to our customers.

We also pay high attention to our customer service, offering continuous support and assistance during the entire product lifecycle. This helps us to maintain a close relationship with our customers, to monitor our products’ operation closely, and to deliver the best possible service.

One of our highest aims is to manufacture highest quality products that will always be more cost effective than traditional roll handling systems. That is why we offer new and innovative solutions to our customers that reduce their costs of investment significantly. Our conveying equipments guarantee savings through better productivity, reliability and energy reduction, so that we can offer the best roll handling solutions to our end- users.

MoveRoll Oy operates as a global partner.

Our Assembly Partners are internationally trusted roll finishing system manufacturers and OEMs which include our products in projects and provide the best possible installation and maintenance services to paper mills.

Our Sales Partners function as our local sales and customer support contact. This collaboration enables us to optimise our customer support, sales- and aftersales service.

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