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Moveroll pressure conveyor

MoveRoll aim is to improve the process of paper rolling by reducing costs, reducing the damage of the rolls during conveying process and increasing productivity. The system itself is based on standard pressure elements and has a height of only 40 mm. MoveRoll system is easy to install, elements are ready made and quick to be mounted to each-other.

During manufacturing process MoveRoll experts make regular safety inspection on the system, making sure to deliver a safe and high quality product fulfilling all the new EN regulations. MoveRoll also pays great attention to customer needs concentrating in constant product development.

MoveRoll is a unique product which is ideal for new investments. The old system can be easily replaced by Moveroll with no need for extra investement.We are proud to deliver an eco-friendly product which reduces energy consumption up to 85% comparing to the traditional pneumatic system, giving us the possibility to fulfill our corporate social responsibility goals.


MoveRoll is using a new innovative technology and does not have moving parts. Conveying of the rolls is made only by pressure elements which are controlling the air pressure and generating movement of the roll. This technology allows user to have the roll under control. Using controlling system you can easily accelerate, control the speed, break and lock the roll in place.

MoveRoll can be adopted in different surfaces such us flat surface or ramps, uphill and downhill and offers an adjustable positioning accuracy that can vary from -20 to + 20 mm.